Poonam and Angela, co-owners and co-founders of Ohana

Ohana Childcare Inc. is owned and operated by Poonam and Angela.  Poonam and Angela first met in 2011 at The Grove Childcare.  As they got the chance to work together, they found they got along well at and outside of work.  As a result, they thought they would make a great team as they both had over 10 years of childcare experience and a love and passion for the field. They get along well, support and encourage each other and always strive for more. They also have strengths in different areas, to create a well balanced team.  

At Ohana, we believe children are entitled to environments and opportunities that foster positive emotional, social, cognitive and physical development. One that values all individuals, multiculturalism, interdependence and dignity. Children should be invested in, in a positive way, as they are the future.  

Ohana means family and it is our goal to provide your child with a safe and positive social and play environment. One that can be their home away from home.  It is also our goal to provide your child with a stimulating learning environment. One that will set them up for life long learning.  

Thank you Hive City for the beautiful sign